The MesseCard

The principle of MesseCard

Messe Card 2Usually visitors of practice enterprise trade fairs are not members of practice firms and do not have a Ruhrtal bank account. Nevertheless, to give you as visitor the opportunity to purchase at the fair, you can buy an instrument of payment: the registered MesseCard with a 2 years period of validity.

How to buy by using the MesseCard:

  1. Choose the company you want to buy goods from.
  2. Consult the company's staff, conduct negotiations and look for a successful deal.
  3. Due to the fact that you are not a wholesaler, please buy in small quantities only, i.e. one coffee maker - not 100 pieces.
  4. Present your MesseCard during paying procedure.
  5. The issuing company will record MesseCard data by using a magnetic card reader, a barcodescanner or enter data manually.
  6. The deal will be authenticated by your signature. Be assured: All deals are virtual, no goods will be delivered and you will not have to pay for any merchandise.
  7. After business process has been finished, you can choose other companies to buy from.


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