Global Enterprise Challenge

EUROPEN-PEN International is proud to announce its 4th annual Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC), taking place on November 22, 2017 during the International Trade Fair at Sinsheim.

The GEC is a great opportunity for Practice Enterprise trainees to push their boundaries when it comes to their rhetorical, analytical, and communication skills. Participants work on an internationally-based case study, in teams of 7-8 students from different countries; creating a multimedia presentation that they will showcase to a panel of judges, where they compete against other teams in two different rounds of presentations.

The GEC case study has proven to have participants end the day building capacities around real-world business scenarios and improving their communication and presentation skills, while making new acquaintances and contacts from around the world.

Please note, trainees/students do NOT have to be registered for the Trade Fair in order to participate in the Global Enterprise Challenge. All trainees/students may participate!

Are you interested to attend this event? Detailed information and conditions of participation can be downloaded here: GEC competition outline und GEC invitation.

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Challenge 2015 – Impressions:

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