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The principle of MesseCard

Messe Card 2Usually visitors of practice enterprise trade fairs are not members of practice firms and do not have a Ruhrtal bank account. Nevertheless, to give visitors the opportunity to purchase at the fair, they get an instrument of payment: the registered MesseCard with a 2 years period of validity.

The MesseCard is presented during paying procedure. The issuing company may record MesseCard data using a magnetic card reader or enter data manually. The visitors can choose, whether they want to specify factual personal data or virtual only.
For visitors business process will be finished now. After the fair the training firm will correct inventory, create invoices and delivery notes, thus realize all commercial transactions that are necessary in usual practice.

The visitor

Nevertheless there is only one restriction for the visitor. He is neither a wholesaler nor a multi-millionaire, he should behave like a private person on a consumer trade show. He has to buy in small quantities only, for example 2 phones or 50 crayons, but not 1000 travels or 50 cars.


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