The 53rd International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair

This year the International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair will take place in Baden Wurttemberg again. Numerous exhibitors will present their firms and product in Sinsheim.

Trainees and apprentices will have the opportunity to exercise a variety of activities in practice, such as trade fair preparation and follow-up, sales conversations and subsequent commercial processes of order processing, as well as to interact with one another on a national and international level.

We hope that a great number of practice enterprises from foreign countries will participate in the fair, because this will create an atmosphere of global interaction and communication.

What is a Practice Enterprise? What is a Practice Enterprise Trade Fair?

A practice enterprise is a virtual company for commercial education and qualification, which trades and economizes under real circumstances. Like a flight simulator for pilots. Once a year, the »associates« of these practice enterprises meet in real life, at the International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair, and create a common and formative experience: the face-to-face encounter of apprentices from all over the world.



Video Trailer: 50th International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair 2014 in Essen


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