From Brazil to USA, from China to Spain:
The International Network of the Practice Enterprises

There are about 500 practice enterprises in Germany. Their work is coordinated by the central office of the »German Practice Enterprise Network«, located in Essen. Like in Germany, there are »Central Offices« in more than 40 countries. They are connected internationally by the Practice Enterprises Network »EUROPEN - PEN International«. The worldwide network stands for:

  • approximately 7,000 practice enterprises at schools, colleges, universities, vocational academies, enterprises, and training centers.
  • Central Offices in more than 40 countries worldwide, for example in Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, China and Kenya, as well as in almost every European country. The membership applications from countries like Colombia, South Korea, Turkey, and Singapore are being considered at the moment.
  • business management training of high quality for thousands of people every year, regardless of age.

Current Development of Participation

We hope to receiving a great number of registrations from all over the world. We will keep you informed about the current level of registration here soon after application deadline.

Currently we are working on searching for supporters and collecting funds to enable practice enterprises from foreign countries, which are classified by EUROPEN - PEN International as eligible for funding, taking into account their GDP and economic situation.

The PEN International Network's Member Countries

01    Argentina
02    Austria
03    Belgium
04    Brazil
05    Bulgaria
06    Canada
07    China
08    Czech Republic
09    Denmark

10    Finland
11    France
12    Germany
13    Indonesia
14    Italy
15    Lithuania
16    Luxembourg
17    Malaysia
18    Poland

19    Romania
20    Russia
21    Slovak Republic
22    Slovenia
23    Spain
24    Sweden
25    Switzerland
26    USA

The PEN International Network's Mentored Countries

01 Albania
02 Azerbaijan
03 Bosnia and Herzegovina
04 Chile
05 Colombia
06 Georgia

07 Kenya
08 Kosovo 
09 Macedonia
10 Moldova
11 Montenegro
12 Morocco

13 Serbia
14 Singapore
15 South Korea
16 Tunesia
17 Turkey

The Central Office » of the
German Practice Enterprise
Network is in Essen. From here,
the international activities
are coordinated.

We are part of the »Lifelong Learning Programme« of the EU.

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